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Three Rules Poster

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   This poster is a sanity-saver for parents and teachers and parents who are teachers! Every classroom or home instruction you already use can find its place under one of these three rules. They are based on the three most important Virtues that a child needs to know. The Kids of VirtueVille are pictured next to each Virtue for easy reference. These simple rules will help you create a culture in your home or classroom that will eliminate confusion for everyone.  


The three rules cover three vital, civil responsibilities at a core level. Obey (Honor authority), Be Kind (Respect others), and Be a Helper (Be a good citizen). 

    This poster is included in all of our Kits. 

How to use this tool: 

  • Hang it in a prominent place 
    for easy reference. 
  • The rules are easy to remember. the first rule (Obey) is a one word rule, the second rule (Be Kind) is a two word rule, and so on.
  • Notice that the rules are in order of priority. If a child is helping but not obeying, they need to obey because Obey is the first rule. 
  • Each time you give an instruction, ask the kids what rule it fits under.  
  • Once the kids know the rules you should practice holding up one, two or three fingers to show them what rule you need them to use at any given moment. It works wonders! 


One 11 x 17 poster on high quality paper
Delivery Method: 
Your poster will be delivered in a poster tube and shipped usually within 48 hours. 

Age Appropriate: 

This tool was designed for early-childhood through elementary 

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